Answer your enemies

Answer your enemies with excellence.

It probably won’t win you favour. It’s more likely to incur more venom. Wrath. Judgement. Criticism.

But, you will be above reproach. Beyond accusation. Strong, with clean hands and a clear conscience.

Don’t allow this to let you grow prideful. Remain humble. Even the worst accuser grows silent then.

Do your bit….

A great quote from a great man! And, I believe it with every fibre of my being! Imagine the impact on this world if every single person bit their own bit of good as often as they could, perhaps even every day?

The ideas are endless. Here are few I can think of quickly (by no means an exhaustive list!). Pick one, or come up with another of your own, and resolve to do it this week.

– Take a meal to a friend (old, sick, lonely, busy, or just because you love them).

– Write a note to someone needing encouragement, or call someone whom you know doesn’t get out much and needs some conversation.

– Check your calendar. Send a birthday card to someone who is having a birthday within the next month.

– Pick up litter in your street or a nearby park.

– Babysit a friend’s children so that she (or he) can have an hour or two to refresh their soul.

– Volunteer for 3 hours at an animal shelter, community center or with another organization that is meaningful to you.

– Make a donation to a worthy cause. Many organizations have online donation platforms and even $2-$5 makes a difference.

– Write a letter, email or make a call to make your voice heard on an important issue. This may mean contacting your local or national government representative, logging on to the Amnesty International website, responding to a story in a newspaper or magazine or perhaps meeting with a business owner to discuss something about their business model that concerns you, like how he or she treats his/her staff.

– Bake cookies or muffins and deliver them to a place of service nearby as a token of your appreciation for those who work there, for example: the library, police station, fire house, clinic, vet or post office, or a local school.

– Sort through some things in your house and donate them to a worthy cause, such as a Hospice or charity shop, childrens home, shelter for the homeless or victims of domestic abuse, Salvation Army or animal shelter.

– Buy some supplies you know are needed by a worthy cause and drop them off – such as baby formula, bottles, nappies (diapers) for a childrens home, non-perishable foods to a food pantry or fresh foods to a soup kitchen.

Knit a square. Or a scarf. Or a hat. Or a teddy bear. For patterns or ideas on where to send them, check out Bev’s Country Cottage or my personal favourite, Knit A Square (note: they don’t ONLY need squares :-).

These are just a few ideas. If you don’t like them, come up with you own (and please share them!), but please do DO your little bit of good this week!